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Founding a company: 3 Mand I/S

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Ever since January 2014 I’ve been in the same study group at my university. Our skills complement eachother really well, and we’re all good friends. Two of the guys from my group have worked with building websites by themselves for around 5-8 years, and I have a few years of business development experience back from when I co-founded an E-Sports organization in 2011. Naturally, we thought we should get together and try to make a business out of it. So here we are; 3 Mand I/S. 3 Mand means 3 Men in danish, and that’s exactly what we are. We all share the same passion for developing easy to use, good-looking and efficient solutions, and we try to bring that into the projects we do for our customers. We’re offering to build and design websites, webshops, apps and whatever you can throw at us.

We’ve had a few jobs so far, but it’s not an unsurmountable amount, so our studies do not suffer under our extra job.

Check us out at www.3mand.dk

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