Digital District workshop

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This weekend (24th and 25th of January) I participated in a workshop revolving the Digital District initiative by Aarhus municipality and Alexandra Instituttet. You can find more information about Digital District here, and Alexandra Instituttet here. The whole thing is set in motion under the Smart Aarhus campaign, which you can read more about here. About 20 people partook in …

hvid bund

IT Visualization and Project Communication: Designing a mobile speaker

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I just finished up another exciting course. It served as an introduction to visualization and designing, and different ways to approach design. We were tasked with coming up with a concept for a mobile speaker, and each person was given a word to incorporate into their designs and concept. I was given the word robust. In the beginnings of the …

3mand featured

Founding a company: 3 Mand I/S

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Ever since January 2014 I’ve been in the same study group at my university. Our skills complement eachother really well, and we’re all good friends. Two of the guys from my group have worked with building websites by themselves for around 5-8 years, and I have a few years of business development experience back from when I co-founded an E-Sports …

itpdp abstract

IT PDP: IT Products for learning

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The conclusion to my first year studying IT at Aarhus University: IT Product Design Project. This has been an amazing end to an amazing year studying IT and learning so many new things. This course requires us to use everything we’ve learned so far; programming, interaction design, user evaluations and studies, business models, web technologies and physical design. For 7 weeks, …

fysisk design kegler

Physical Design: Designing a game

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This course served as an introduction to designing via prototypes and iterating through your concepts to come up with a great product. Furthermore, concepts such as wicked problem solving were introduced and used as an approach to fulfill the given assignment. The assignment given was to design a family game. There were some initial constraints, and the course strongly hinted towards involving …

hult prize starbucks

Hult Prize Challenge 2014

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Back in november 2013 I read about the Hult Prize Challenge 2014. It’s a social entrepreneurship competition where University students from around the world can submit a 500 word statement of purpose, explaining your idea to solving a particular problem. So this particular year the challenge posed was to improve chronic disease care in slums, affecting 25 million people by 2019. …


Great IT Innovations: Designing an Apple and Rado smartwatch

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THE ASSIGNMENT My very first project at Aarhus University! In this class we were tasked with coming up with ideas and sketches for a hypothetical smartwatch concept produced by Apple and Rado in cooperation. THE PROCESS Our first step was to research the two brands and determine their core competencies and qualities. Based on this research, we also chose a target audience and …